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Bramble Hill is a small family owned farm situated in the Sierra Foothills of Tuolumne county. With 4 acres of trees planted you have a 1000 chances to find the perfect tree. We have many different varieties of tree including Douglas fir, Scotch pine, Nordman fir, Blue Spruce, Turkish fir, Sequoias and Nobles.

Fresh wreaths, hand made ornaments, Art, gifts and other items available for sale.

Bring the family and enjoy some country Christmas spirit! 

Complimentary hot chocolate, apple cider, cookies and candy canes! 
Feed the chickens, pet the horses and enjoy the beautiful rolling hills. Please remember that this is our home, parking is limited and as we are a working farm we ask our guests to be aware of the possibilities of dirt, mud and animal encounters!

- Well behaved dogs on leashes welcome
- We provide hand saws to all our guests to use. Please no power tools.
- If you need a hand at any time, please let us know. We have a crew who can help with loading, carrying and even cutting if needed! 
- Although we are not allowed to have any professional photography take place
at the farm, you are welcome and encouraged to take your own! 


A little bit of Christmas tree history!

egyption tree worship.jpg

From the ancient times, people from Egypt, Rome, and Pagans alike have venerated the evergreen tree. Bringing long lasting green boughs inside during a cold bleak winter was a welcome reminder that spring would return. 


Deep winter, with a harvest still recently tucked away, was even then a time for feasting and reflecting with friends and family.



While Christmas trees were a well known tradition is Germany, the association with Paganism kept it from  being wider spread. This changed in 1858 with the illustration of Queen Victoria, her German husband Albert and their children gathering around an ornate tree. Instantly, the Christmas tree became  one of the most popular Christmas decorations in homes across the world!


Walking home one clear starlight Christmas night, protestant reformer Martin Luther was overcome by the beauty of a clear moon and stars twinkling through the icy tips of fir trees. Wanting to recreate this using candles for his family he is credited as the first person to light his tree!

We are sure a few trees were burned, and a few gifts with them before electrical lights came along in 1882. Thanks Edison!


Nowadays the Christmas tree might be the single most important symbol of the holiday season. From humble trees hung with precious memories to the grand extravagant displays in department stores and cities, the modern Christmas tree is designed to delight and celebrate. Long may this continue!

Remember to choose a real Christmas tree if you can, and keep those old traditions alive!

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