Friday 11/25       10am - 4pm
Saturday 11/26  10am - 4pm
Sunday 11/27     10am - 4pm


We will open at 10am on Friday 25 November!

Availability is limited. First come, first serve! 

Demand for trees is much higher than our small farm can offer. We do expect to sell out in the first weekend, although we will let people know asap if we do have enough trees to open for a second weekend. Check back here and facebook for up to the minute information.

2022 Pricing

Noble/ Grand Fir                          $15/ foot.**
All other trees                              $10/ foot.

Fresh Wreathes: Natural          $20
                                 Decorated    $25+

Netting                                          $10*

Bramble Hill ornaments           $15

Ceramics and gifts                    $ as marked


** Recent drought conditions have significantly slowed the growth of these sought after trees.
* We have complimentary recycled twine available, but charge a high price for netting to discourage single use plastics!                         



- Black Friday is very busy. If you are a Christmas early bird and need a tree on Friday, please be prepared to be patient! 
- If we have had rain or snow recently, the ground can get slippery. 4x4 cars and boots would be recommended. Gloves are useful in any weather.
- We are a working farm, and also in the middle of some renovation work. Please 'excuse our dust' and watch out for natural hazards!
- If you have anyone who needs accommodation, please let one of our parking helpers know and we can make sure you get accessible parking and assistance as needed.
- We take cash and credit and debit cards.