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Bramble Hill Studios

art by SuzyMantiply


Aside from herding and feeding the trees, crew, kids and animals,
I spend my time tucked into our farm studio getting dirty, making usable art!

I work mostly in clay, but I also love bringing in other elements like wire, beads, stones, feathers etc. Things I find along the way.... I am inspired to create shapes and color I have seen in in my global travels, most often in nature! I am also fascinated by the alchemy this art: of glazes and how they interact with each other, the clay and the artist. How heat and dirt transform....

My goal with my functional items like mugs, plates, bowls, pitchers is to make unique, beautiful ware that is elegant and eye catching, well balanced and tactile, and also to ensure that customer experience is paramount. Glazes are chosen not just for aesthetics, but to ensure food safety and function. All my ceramic ware (excluding feathered and beaded items) is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe!